Plantation shutters are one of the most popular products in the custom window coverings industry. So we feel confident that we’re not alone when we say that we love plantation shutters! Below we’ll tell you exactly why we love plantation shutters so much!

1.  View
Shutters give you unmatched flexibility in terms of the view out your window. Shutter panels can be swung open, providing a completely unobstructed view out. For more privacy, the panels can be closed and louvers can be tilted to various degrees of openness. With shutters you can have a fully unobstructed view out, a partial view out, or no view out at all.

2.  Light Control
In the same way that you have flexibility with the view out, you also have flexibility in regards to the amount of light that is let into a space. If you want to block out the most light possible, you can fully close the panels and tilt the louvers completely closed. If you want to allow some light in, you can close the panels but tilt the louvers open. Or if you want to allow light to come flowing in, you can open the panels entirely, and fully expose the window pane.

3.  Shutters Add Value to Your House
Plantation shutters are one of the more expensive window coverings available, but they truly are an investment. In fact, shutters are the only window covering that can be financed as part of your home purchase. This is so, due in large part to the fact that the vast majority of homeowners don’t take their shutters with them when they move out. Both in the short-term and the long-term shutters enhance the quality of your living space, and ultimately, the value of your home.

4.  Easy to Clean
Shutters are perhaps the easiest window treatment to clean. Because they’re tightly mounted to all sides of the window sill, and because they’re entirely cordless, cleaning your plantation shutters is a breeze.

5.  Completely Cordless
Whether you choose wood or vinyl plantation shutters, they will be 100% cordless. This, and the fact that they’re so easy to clean, make plantation shutters a great option for homes in which children are present.

6.  Versatility
Plantation shutters are surprisingly versatile. Both the bi-fold system and the by-pass system allow for the use of plantation shutters for sliding glass doors and closets. Custom plantation shutters can also be utilized for bay windows and arches. Moisture-resistant vinyl shutters are also a great selection for garages and bathroom windows.

7.  Customization
All of French Brothers window coverings offer a high level of customization, and shutters are one of the most customizable products around. You can choose from hollow or solid vinyl shutters, painted wood plantation shutters, or stained wood shutters. Then you can choose from a variety of frame options to ensure that the shutters provide a flush mount and a finished look. And you can even choose from a variety of hinge colors.

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