Why shutters are great for an eco-friendly house

We’re all becoming more aware of the impact our choices have on the environment, and as a result we’re ever more interested in finding eco-friendly solutions that we can easily implement for an eco-friendly house. If you're looking for eco-friendly home improvement ideas, here is one that may surprise you...

There are so many tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint by making small changes to your home, so it’s easier than ever to champion the green lifestyle and become an eco-warrior. But did you know that window shutters have multiple environmental benefits? Read on to find out about some of the ways installing shutters can be part of your eco-home improvements.

1. Shutters keep the heat in during colder months

As windows are one of the quickest ways for heat to escape from your house, it’s a no-brainer that smart insulation of your glass panes will keep gas usage and energy bills down. Our shutters are self-measured to an exacting precision to fit any bespoke window, our beautifully crafted shutters will reduce heat loss to make your home more energy efficient.

Proven to work in a similar way to double-glazing, shutters help to block any draughts in your window retaining warmth, while the ability to adjust the slats means you don’t have to compromise on less light.

The coverage you can achieve with full height shutters make them a great eco-friendly solution as well as a stylish addition to any room. Solid panel shutters are a strong choice for maximum insulation, ideal for older homes, but allow less control of light levels having no slats.

2. Shutters cool a room down during summer

When the mercury starts to soar in the warmer months of the year, plantation shutters can also help to keep the temperature low. Tilting the slats during the day will diffuse direct sunlight entering the room, while still allowing the fresh air to flow through every slat. Shutters are perfect for summer months as they provide plenty of ventilation in humid conditions.

Tier-on-tier shutters are a popular alternative to blinds, as their flexible nature means you can control the temperature of your home without the need for expensive air conditioning or electric fans, reducing your greenhouse gas emissions and saving some money on your bills. Open the upper slats for natural light while the lower louvers remain closed to keep a cooler climate.

3. Shutters are perfect for low-maintenance living

Another eco-friendly advantage of shutters is their low-maintenance appeal. While other window finishings such as curtains or roman blinds require thorough washing to remove dust, dirt and strong odors, the effort needed to maintain the quality of shutters is minimal. A quick dust once a week to keep them fresh and remove dirt is all that’s required, meaning less water is wasted through cleaning.

The delicate nature of fabric curtains and blinds also lends itself to costly repair services and even replacement due to fading from a build-up of sun exposure. Shutters are far more durable, and with French Brothers Shutters, your shutters will be finished with UV-protective paint/stain to ensure their longevity.

Not only are shutters a stylish and sophisticated feature, they’re a fantastic addition to any eco-friendly home that will help keep your energy bills low and reduce your carbon footprint. To find out more about our beautiful shutters, get a quote and start your shutter journey.

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