You have probably heard before that window treatments conserve energy. If you’re like most homeowners you are probably always thinking about little ways that you can save money. From turning off unnecessary lights to turning the air conditioner up a few degrees, there are many ways you can save money each month on your energy bill. One simple way is by choosing window coverings that can help with energy efficiency. There are a variety of flattering window coverings that will look fantastic in your home while saving you money on your energy bill each month. Window treatments conserve energy by blocking UV rays, and keeping the heat between the window treatment and the window. Take a look at these energy saving window treatments:


Roller shades or shutters are a premium option when you’re looking for energy efficiency. Both allow you to control the amount of light coming in as well as help keep the window insulated. Another great benefit of shutters and roller shades is that they add to the home’s value and are considered a smart investment. Plantation shutters can help reduce not only heat gain, but heat loss as well. While blocking sun rays during the hotter months make shutters a great choice for energy saving window treatments, they also offer the greatest privacy. Minimizing fading to furnishings and soft fabrics as well.


Cellular blinds, otherwise known as honeycomb blinds are highly energy-efficient while having a great look. Cellular blinds are some of the most popular window treatments available. They allow light to filter through while still providing coverage and can also create a room darkening effect when closed.


Layering window treatments is also a great way to provide energy efficiency. Using light filtering or room darkening panels can help control the amount of light as well as help with insulation or blocking the sun during hotter months.

It’s not as difficult as you may think to lower your energy bills with custom window treatments. By letting our design consultants show you our large variety of energy efficient window treatments you will be able to find the perfect match for your home. Call or stop by our show room at French Brothers Shutters today to see how our variety of energy saving window treatments that can enhance the beauty of your home while saving your money on your monthly energy bill.

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