Vinyl Shutters vs Wood Shutters

custom wooden shuttersInterior window shutters have always been very popular, but with new styles and materials that bring new benefits they are even more popular today. Indoor window shutters, commonly plantation shutters, boast numerous benefits besides simply adding to the beauty of your home. These days, interior window shutters can be fitted into any window frame and made to match nearly any home décor theme needed. Beyond their attractive appeal, window shutters also regulate light throughout the room while providing effective insulation which can significantly save on electric bills. The best part about interior window shutters is their ability to maintain their value while adding value to your home as well.

Wooden shutters are extremely popular, but vinyl is coming along strong and both are great choices for your home depending on your budget and preference.

Wooden Interior Shutters

Wooden shutters are definitely more popular than vinyl for multiple reasons, but mainly because vinyl shutters are cheaply made which is why they are much cheaper than wood. Not that all vinyl shutters are bad, but beware the extra cheap ones. Besides the appeal that comes with real wooden shutters, their benefits include maintained value, increased home value, durability, an extra security measure and of course light regulation and improved insulation. Wooden shutters also come in many different types depending on your preference.

Wooden Shutter Types

Knotty Alder
Red Oak
White Oak
Maple (hard)
Maple (soft)
Vinyl Interior Shutters

Vinyl interior shutters can be great if they are of quality make and should definitely be considered if on a budget. Besides the obvious lower price, vinyl shutters have benefits that wooden shutters do not. They are very practical and will not crack, fade, peel or even deteriorate over time. Vinyl shutters are a perfect solution for humid parts of the home like the bathroom, shower and kitchen. They are also great near Jacuzzis and pools as they are moisture resistant. Unlike wood, vinyl shutters are flame-retardant and will insulate better than wooden shutters.

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