Transform Your Home with American Shutters

In recent years there has been a steady increase in the adoption of American shutters in homes across the US. These permanent, louvered shutters are fast becoming a go-to solution for homeowners who want an energy-efficient, attractive alternative to curtains and blinds.


What are American shutters?
American Shutters are also known as plantation shutters, because they originated in the mansion houses of the Southern States. They were designed to counter the excessively hot and humid summer climate, by insulating the room against the heat and sunlight, but still allowing air flow to keep the house cool.

What are the Benefits?
American shutters are not just for tropical climates, and many homeowners in other parts of the US still derive huge benefits from these shutters. As well as being great at keeping a room cool at the height of summer, they also perform the opposite job equally well – keeping the heat in during the cold winter evenings far more effectively than curtains or blinds can.
This makes them ideal for families who are passionate about sustainable living and want to minimise energy consumption.

American shutters are incredibly versatile, and work superbly in both modern and period homes. While they are traditionally white, they can be painted in any shade you like to fit with your existing style and decor. Materials vary from MDF and waterproof vinyl to a wide range of different wood options.

How much do they cost?
One of the biggest objections to American shutters has traditionally been cost, as shutters inevitably cost more than most curtains and blinds. However, shutters represent an excellent long-term investment – they will last for a very long time, and are likely to increase the price of your home once installed.

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