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If you're one of the nearly 44 million dog owners or almost 37 million cat owners in America, you know our pets are blessings. Nothing beats coming home and having your puppy run to greet you. When you curl up with a good book, you're not really comfortable until your cat is purring on your lap. Pet ownership is one of the best joys in life and their companionship makes life so much brighter. The only time a dark cloud is cast over our usually sunny disposition is when our pets make a mess in our house. This goes beyond house training. We're talking about shredded furniture and overturned trash cans. This kind of trouble can cost you big time. In fact, it's one of the reasons two-thirds of landlords give for hesitating to rent to pet owners. We can't take care of everything your pet gets into, but we can tell you how to protect your window treatments from Fluffy and Fido's worst instincts. You have a lovely home and you deserve to keep it that way! Follow along and we'll show you that you can have beautiful window treatments and your adorable pets under one roof.

Go Cordless
What cat can resist batting at a dangling string? Remove this temptation for your cuddly kitten and go cordless with your window treatments. Look for something with an anchored lift system to keep your blinds functional, yet safe, for your cat.

Keep Cords Out Of The Way
If doing away with cords is out of your price range for the moment, there's a low-tech option you can use. Just gather the cords and keep them out of the way. Here's how: get a hook with a sticky back that can be adhered to any wall. Place it at a good height and wrap the cords around it. How simple is that?

Vertical Adventures
Your pets love looking out of the windows but they might paw horizontal slats and cause damage.When you install vertical blinds, they can simply poke their nose through to get a good look without hurting your window treatments.

Leave a Bad Taste in Their Mouth
Want to make sure your puppy or kitten resists the urge to bite your blinds?
There are pet-friendly and harmless solutions that will bother their taste buds or their sense of smell but won't harm your pets. With dogs, a sour apple spray makes window treatments an unappealing snack. Cats can be discouraged from bothering your blinds with simple citrus spray.

Keep Kitty's Paws Off Your Window Treatments
Another way to deter Fluffy from getting into your shutters is to make it a place they don't want to be. Put a strip of carpet on the windowsill until they learn to not jump on the ledge. Even a little bit of tape, sticky side up, or tin foil will make your cat think twice about jumping up on the sill.

Give Your Pet a Designated Window
If you're keeping your pet from enjoying one view, give them another just for them. That way, they won't want to go anywhere else to look outside. Make a comfortable window with a pet bed or pillow and make sure their view is unobstructed.

Rock and Roller
Remember roller shades? These are the ones where you pull down and they snap back up.These are among the best window treatments for pets. Why? Because they're made of sturdy materials and your cat or dog can simply slip behind it to see outside.

Put Your Pet At Ease
Some of the worst destruction happens when we're away. It's common for animals to have anxiety when we leave. They don't understand that we go to work to keep them in kibble and catnip. Here's a trick to try: for ten minutes before you leave and after you come home, ignore your pets. No lengthy goodbyes, no excited hellos. Just keep calm and act like you don't see them, this will create a neutral space where your pet won't feel panicked. It won't work immediately; give it some time and exercise patience!

Shades for Days

Plantation shutters are fairly durable and can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. They're thick and sturdy which makes it hard for pets, especially dogs, to paw at or force aside. A word of warning: this window treatment doesn't work if you've got a puppy that loves to chew.

No Low Hanging Window Treatments
Puddled drapes and long curtains are dangerous to your pets. Cats love to climb them and dogs can get tangled up in them. Use caution when choosing this window treatment style; understand what your pet is capable of before choosing long, flowing curtains.

Keep Them Busy
An occupied pet isn't going to be chewing your blinds or clawing your drapes. Keep your pet entertained by buying new and exciting toys for them. There are even toys designed to hide food inside so your pet has to work for a treat. Idle hands - er, paws - cause problems; busy pets are happy pets and protect your window treatments.

Call in an Expert
Maybe you feel that there are too many choices and you're not sure what's the best method.
There's nothing wrong with scheduling an appointment with an expert. Someone who has experience with pet-proofing a house will know what to look for and guide you in the right direction.

Prevention - and Damage Control!

It's always best to anticipate what your pet is going to do before hand and nip it in the bud.
Who wants to come home to a wrecked house? Whether you're in the before stage or are dealing with the aftermath, look to Blinds and Designs to be with you every step of the way.

They can find the window treatments that work best for you and your pet. Whether you're looking for slats, blinds, or shades, we've got you - and your windows - covered. Have you ever had to handle a pet disaster with your windows? Do you have any tips for keeping our furry friends away from your blinds?

Source: Blinds and Designs

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