Tier on Tier Shutters

Tier on tier shutters are the most flexible kind of shutters in our collection. They let you open the top section of shutter panels independently of the lower section. This makes them an ideal choice if you want to maintain privacy but still want to enjoy maximum light in your room.


Say, for example, you have a lounge or bedroom window that overlooks a busy street. With tier on tier shutters you can have the lower tier closed with slats slightly tilted for privacy, while folding back the top panel to let in natural light.

As a general rule, we recommend narrow width panels, hinged together. This means they can ‘concertina’ or fold onto each other when they are opened, keeping your windows clear. Don’t be afraid to go for an odd number of panels, they still look balanced when they’re folded back.

Tier on tier shutters work really well if you are planning on opening the top panels regularly. If you’re likely to keep them shut most of the time, our full height shutters might be a better option.

Advantages of tier on tier shutters

Complete flexibility
Completely open, completely closed, or something in between? Tier on tier shutters give you the best of both worlds.
Privacy and light
Keep the lower shutters closed for privacy and open the top panels for maximum light.
Open without moving furniture or accessories
You can divide your shutters wherever you like. For example, you can have the split point just above your desk and open your shutters without disturbing your work.

Best for:
Larger windows, or rooms where you want both privacy and maximum light. You will also need a bit of height and space to fold your shutters back against the wall.

If your window is small, or if there isn’t a lot of room either side, tier on tier might not be right for you. Our full height shutters could be a better option.

Customise your split point
If you have a natural break in your window, like a sash window, it’s a good idea to split the tiers in the same place, so you have a clear panel above and below. If you a have a low level sofa, you could also have the split lower down, so you can open the upper tier without moving any furniture.

Rainbow shutters
Make a strong statement with different coloured slats. Our rainbow shutters create a real focal point in an otherwise neutral room.

Complement your decor
With a range of colour options on offer, you can easily match your tier-on-tier shutters to your woodwork, or any other decorative features in your room.


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