The Pros vs Cons – Full height shutters


When starting to design your custom shutters, the first thing to consider is the shutter style. Full height shutters are our most popular style, but how will you know if this style is right for you? This will depend on whether the full height fits functionally with your intended use.

Pros of Full Height Shutters

Full height shutters, just as their name implies, cover the full height of your window opening and there are many pros to installing this style of shutter to your window:

This style offers maximum privacy and light blockage, covering the full area of your window.

With your panels and slats closed, full height shutters provide insulation to keep out extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Adding a mid-rail gives you the ability to control the upper and lower slats independently. This way you can close the lower slats for privacy, and keep the upper slats open to allow light into the room.

They're the easiest shutter style to install to your windows, and much less fiddly than tier-on-tier shutters, although our guides and expert support over the phone make the process simple.

The full height of this style, means there's less mid rail and more slats, essentially giving you more light infiltrating through the room.

Full height shutters are ideal if you want to fit shutters to doors.

Cons of Full Height Shutters

If you know you want to install shutters but you're unsure of which style is for you, it helps to get a good idea of what the cons are to certain styles, to help you decide on alternatives.

Full height shutters let light infiltrate well through a room, but for some windows such as dark bathrooms, you may prefer to leave a portion of the window exposed to maximise the light.

If this is the case, cafe style shutters will be more suited to your needs than full height shutters.

You may wish to have more flexibility in terms of light control. Full height shutter panels open and close as one, whereas tier on tier shutters allow you to open and close the top panels for added light and privacy control.

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