The Best Window Treatments for Home Bedrooms

Window treatments are one of the most underestimated decorative elements that you can incorporate into a space. If you are looking to enhance your bedroom but are struggling with finding simple ways to redecorate, then upgrading your window treatment may be an option. Window treatments are useful, cost-effective, and can completely transform a space. Similarly, all Hunter Douglas window treatments are customizable, meaning that you are guaranteed to find a blind or shade that works in your space and is unique to you. At French Brothers Shutters, we can show you the best window treatments for home bedrooms.

One of the best window treatment products for bedroom is a room darkening shutter. Have you ever wished that you didn’t have to get up and adjust your shutters on mornings that you wanted to sleep in? Or you wished that your shutters were darker to eliminate the glare off of your screen? Or even just wanted a little bit more privacy in your bedroom? We can help!

Although each of the fabrics from Hunter Douglas offers some form of light and privacy control, there are certain shutters that have specific room-darkening capabilities. The sheerer the shutter is, the more light it will filter into your bedroom. However, if you choose an opaque or semi-opaque fabric, then you will be able to eliminate a majority of the light that attempts to enter your space. The reason that only a majority of the light will be eliminated is because it is impossible to completely block out all forms of natural light.

Hunter Douglas does attempt to cover all gaps or seams in shutters to ensure that as much light as possible is blocked. They have created a specific feature called de-Light™ that can be used on a majority of their metal and wood shutters to cover typical areas on window treatments that filter light. However, if you like the appearance of a sheer shutter but still want the benefits of a room darkening shutter or are just looking to get as close as completely blacking out your space as possible, then you can consider incorporating a darkening liner in addition to your shade. The liners can be used in cooperation with your shade by being sewn on or can be operated independently for easier control of your window treatments.

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