Smart Shutters Ideas for Your Doors

Shutters and windows of course are a perfect match. But what about adding shutters to your doors too? Full-height shutters on doors to the outside offer many benefits. You can have both privacy and allow as much light in to your home as you wish. You can match your door and window dressings perfectly for a neat, architectural look. Shutters are low maintenance, durable and easy to wipe free of dust. Whether you have a large set of sliding doors from your kitchen or want to tie your French doors into your design scheme, our full-height shutters can be created to fit perfectly. And to prove our point, we have a chat below to one happy customer who created a slick solution for his front door.



“I chose to install shutters on the front door and look out windows as the main desire of moving to this property was to create distance from the road. A typical style in high density subdivisions in Canada is to do a frosted patterned glass. While this is great for privacy it inhibits light and prevents any view. The shutters are a great option as it allowed both privacy and maximizes light and views. Overall, the style in my home is a modern, estate style, open-plan concept. The full-height shutters do a great job of adding to this look and feel."

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Typically, shutters were made from real wood and the common wood was basswood. We keep that tradition alive and continue to manufacture both stained and painted wood in our facility for your home. Many of our customers ask "with the benefits of your synthetic shutter, why would I ever buy a wood shutter?," and that's a great question. We do all of the finish work on our wood shutters here in our facility, which gives us the flexibility to stain or paint wood shutters any color under the sun. Do you have new stained kitchen cabinets you want to match? No problem! Do you fancy a very particular shade of white for all of the moldings in your home? No problem! We can custom match any color so that your shutters fit seamlessly into the color and style of your home.


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