Show Color in Your Home with Colored Shutters!

While you can never go wrong with a pure white or natural wood stain color shutter, our custom shutters allow you to get bold with your vision and your shutter design. The color of your shutters can really tie a room together or add a nice contrast as a design element in the room. We offer free samples of our many paint and stain colors to help you see what will work best in your home plus an option for custom color matching.

blue shutters

Our shutters features flat louvers for a sleeker more modern look than the traditional elliptical shape of most shutters. With a wide range of 13 colors from white to brown to black, there is sure to be a color that fits your interior design.


Colors are available in either a satin finish or a high gloss finish. Branch out from neutral tones with our Peacock or Claret Red, for example. High gloss gives an ultra-modern look and best of all is super easy to clean. Made of solid poplar wood with an extra smooth finish, simply dust with a microfiber cloth or feather duster.


Custom Color Matching

With this option, there is really no limit to how creative you can get with the color. Try a different color in each room, multi-colored panels, or even a contrasting color frame! Give our shutter experts a call to discuss these options and pricing.


Unfinished Wooden Shutters

For the very handy and DIY-minded individual, we also offer unfinished options in our wood ranges. This is a more budget friendly option compared to custom color matching and leaves full control in your hands to create your custom look. This is also a great option if you want to use a specific wood stain to match existing woodwork.

Choose raw, unfinished wood if you plan on staining your own shutters. Our poplar wood shutters have a smooth finish and a uniform wood grain making them ideal for staining. Choose unfinished & primed if you plan on painting the shutters yourself. These will come with the primer already applied, so you can start painting right away.


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