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Are you in the market for polywood Shutters for your San Diego Home? Here at French Brothers Shutters, we can help install beautiful poly shutters for your home.

Did you know there are several names for poly shutters? The three most common are PVC, Vinyl and Poly or Polysynthetic. All the names stem from Polyvinyl Chloride commonly know as PVC. Many companies will take pieces of the name and label the product based on their name. For example, many companies will reference ‘Poly’; typically this is a solid poly shutter with no aluminum reinforcement.


When the term Vinyl is used, many times a company will use this reference when they sell a hollow vinyl shutter with virtually no strength. Be careful with this product. Alumacore is a PVC shutter with an aluminum reinforcement and a baked on painted finish, the strongest PVC shutter on the market. Not all PVC or Vinyl shutters are created equal.

Have you ever noticed that many companies do not go into depth to describe the construction or material used when making your shutters? We firmly believe that you have the right to know what type of shutter you are buying. We strongly suggest that research be done when purchasing plantation shutters.

One of the greatest parts of doing business with French Bros. Custom Shutters, Inc. is that you get the superior quality and craftsmanship that you’d expect at a large chain, but with the personalized, small-town service that you love. Our company places the utmost importance on developing relationships with our San Diego County neighbors, so creating custom wood shutters for you at the highest standards is our number one priority.

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