Plantation Shutters for Your Home

Plantation shutters have been extremely popular for a long time and have been used in not only homes, but in many businesses as well.

In warmer climates near the beach, plantation shutters are especially popular and bring an array of benefits to your home for years to come.

At French Custom Shutters, we provide our clients with top notch custom shutters as well as excellent customer service. Plantation shutters offer privacy while allowing the sunlight into your home with their adjustable louvers. They can also provide great shade while allowing air to flow through the window keeping your house or business nice and cool.

Typically, plantation shutters are made of wood but are now offered in more choices for the material. From basswood, to /polysynthetic, we can make purchasing your next set of plantation shutters not only easy, but fun too.

Wood is traditionally the style for plantation shutters as it is offered in larger sizes if required and comes in a large variety of colors and types. Basswood is the most popular form of wood used for plantation shutters, but if you are looking for something a little more high class cedar wood is also a great option. Wood plantation shutters are very sturdy and will last a long time.

Here are the wood types we offer for plantation shutters

  • Alder
  • Knotty Alder
  • Cherry
  • Red Oak
  • White Oak
  • Maple (hard)
  • Maple (soft)
  • Teak
  • Walnut
  • Mahogany

Poly/Synthetic plantation shutters are also becoming very popular due to their easy maintenance and long lasting durability. They are solid shutters that will not warp or swell over time and will not peel from being in the sun for years. Poly/synthetic plantation shutters have the look and feel of real, natural wood, for a much more affordable price.

For more information or a free quote regarding plantation shutters, contact us today and speak with one of our experts at French Custom Shutters.

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