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Are you looking for shutters for your Paradise Hills home? Shutters are purposeful. They are, in most cases, better than drapes. If you want quality window treatments in your home, just call French Brothers Custom Shutters. We’re the professionals who have the expertise and talent to provide your windows with the best there are in the business.

You’ll find brands such as Hunter Douglas and many others. We’ll bring the showroom to you. There’s no wasting your time, gas or money whenever we’re around. Let us create a new look for your home.

Call today and let us send our consultants out to you.

Quality Products
You don’t have to get your window treatments from us, but you’ll be missing out. New window treatments from French Brothers Shutters are quality made and will last you a lifetime if they are taken care of. Maintenance is very important for window treatments.

Choosing the Right Window Treatment
You’ll be faced with the decision to which type of window covering you want. It’s all based on different things. Curtains tend to be too much maintenance and cannot be cleaned in the home washer. They need to be cleaned by a dry cleaner which can get pricey.

Changing the Appearance of a Room
Shutters in Paradise Hills can change the appearance of a room instantly. Whenever you need changes; you can always rely on French Brothers Shutters. Our shutter company is trained to provide our customers with the change they deserve and also to modernize their homes.

Advantages of Indoor Shutters in Paradise Hills:

Energy efficient
No valances required
Finished styles
Add value to the home
Energy Savings

Believe it or not; these window treatments are able to lower your energy bills. You probably spend way too much per month on your energy bills. That’s because you’re allowing in too much natural light which causes your heating or cooling systems to work overtime.

You can set the mood of your interior when you have new window treatments installed. No matter what type you choose for your home, you’re going to set a certain mood. You can set a different mood for different rooms in the home.

Tilt Bars
These treatments have moveable tilt bars. This allows you to set the amount of light you want in or out. Tilt bars are the rods that allow the slats to be moved up and down. Controlling the amount of light in a room can save you money.

We bring the showroom out to you. You’ll receive quality St Louis shutters that will make your home look dazzling. Call today and have your windows measured by our professionals.


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