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Did you know that French Brothers plantation shutters are waterproof? That’s right, our shutters are completely waterproof. Our plantation shutters are the perfect solution for any kitchen window.

There are no worries of accidently splashing the shutter with water from the sink while cleaning your kitchen after hours spent cooking. Splashing water on soft treatments, such as blinds or shades would eventually cause issues to the product. Avoiding soft treatments around wet areas is highly recommended as constant water to a soft treatment can cause failures or flat out ruin the product.

We understand that life happens in the kitchen, if your family is like ours. We spend a majority of time in the kitchen, talking, laughing and cooking! Unfortunately, one family event that wreaks havoc in our kitchen is family pasta night. I think we have all been there for the boiling pasta sauce we have temporarily ignored. You know the kind, boiling sauce spewing in different directs around the immediate area of the saucepot. The tiny drops of tomato sauce landing on anything of the color white in it’s path. Often times clean up after family pasta night isn’t the easiest as we still find pasta sauce the next day somehow. However, whipping sauce off your white plantation shutters should not be a chore.


40+ years of hard-earned experience goes into making top quality custom shutters and custom closet doors here at French Bros. Custom Shutters Inc. From the interior operable louvered shutters and exterior fixed louvered shutters, to the fixed louvered closet doors, our staff will put in the work to stay true to your vision – no matter how complex the design or unique the finish. No job is too large or too small!

Why choose French Brothers Shutters over other companies? The window size does not matter to us. Whether your home has a 10-inch-wide sidelight window by the front door or a full-size window, we use aluminum reinforcement in each louver we use to construct your shutter to custom fit each window.
Our unique method of painting allows for an extremely durable, yet smooth finish. The paint on the shutters has been baked onto the surface of the components in an industrial oven.

This method ensures a long-lasting smooth finish, guaranteed to never fade, chip or yellow. Our painted finish makes cleaning shutters a breeze! What a relief. We know the last thing you want to do while cleaning the kitchen is to spend too long of a time cleaning window treatments.

How easy our Shutters to clean? Very easy, a simple mild soap and water will be more than enough for proper cleaning. Plantation shutters will absolutely change the look of your kitchen while providing the proper amount of light control and privacy. Bring the elegance of your shutters to your kitchen without having to worry about accidently getting your shutters wet.

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