shutters heatMany homeowners are unaware of the amount of solar heat that enters through their windows. Yet with the annual cooling cost adding up to a stunning number of $11 billion, it is difficult for even the most ignored homeowners to miss the reality. A leaky window creates a leaky wallet, and homeowners are fighting back to keep their cooling bills down without compromising the comfort of their home. While sealing your windows by using weatherstrips and other tools will reduce energy loss, installing your home with shutters is in itself, a smart energy-saving and cost-effective investment.

Window Treatment with Shutters

Shutters have long enhanced the beauty of the home. In addition to creating the open feeling in the house, most homeowners appreciate shutters for their easy upkeep and aesthetic appeal. However, very few homeowners realize that shutters can also give their energy expenditure a generous deduction! For those of you who are thrilled about this idea, here are 3 reasons why window shutters will help you to beat the heat and keep your energy bill in check:

1. Shutters Offer Excellent Solar Heat Control

Shutters serve as an extra layer of protection that keeps your home from direct solar heat exposure. According to a report from Building Conservation, traditional shutters on their own can reduce heat loss by 51 percent. By closing your shutter louvers in the dog days of summer, homeowners can effectively control the amount of solar heat that is being transmitted into their homes.

2. Shutters Offers Superior Cool Air Control

While thick curtains also keep summer heat from coming through your home, pulling together your curtains also entails the complete blocking of fresh air. Having fresh air flow is important for keeping the home ventilated, not to mention that most of the curtain materials tend to trap rather than reflect heat. Thankfully, the large shutter louvers will prevent solar heat from penetrating the house and allowing your air conditioning to do its job with better efficiency.

3. Shutters Offers Great Lighting Control

Cloaking your homes in darkness with heavy curtains also means that you will need to turn on lamps and other lighting devices. Lighting creates heat. Although you may be using the most energy-efficient light bulbs for your home, nothing beats the natural sun rays that come freely through your windows. As a result, using shutters to control the amount of light that enters your home by tilting or adjusting the louvers is a convenient and economic way to reduce solar heat while enjoying great lighting.

Beat the Heat with French Brothers Custom Shutters

Shutters are a great window treatment option that helps homeowners to strike a healthy balance between beauty and heating control. Aside from its energy efficient benefits, shutters also require less upkeep and collect far less dust than curtains.

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