In the world of business, competition always helps keep pricing competitive and quality at the desired level. Unfortunately, there are cases where quality is compromised to offer lower rates which leaves a bad taste in the mouth. All too often the bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten, and this is where French Brothers Shutters Inc. has consistently stood out.

Having been in the industry for close to three decades, we have seen a lot of competition come and go, trends rise and disappear, and cheaper alternatives emerge and vanish equally fast. One of the most recent trends we have seen and have had a lot of clients complain about has been the shift in outsourcing shutters to overseas manufacturers.

With shutter manufacturing being outsourced, the market is presently flooded with products that all look similar and come at a lower price but have questionable quality. Clients tend to ignore the quality aspect as they believe that they are getting the same level of product as the more expensive options. This incorrect logic leads customers to think that they should choose the lowest cost because all shutters are the same.

As a result, clients are now getting cheaper quality products, built with unknown materials and there is no waiting period. To keep up with the competitive nature of window treatments, some local companies have also gone down this route and have begun buying overseas products. While it may seem like a great option on the surface, this trend usually ends up backfiring because of the poor quality, leaving customers disappointed, frustrated, and maybe even needing to redo the entire project.

At French Brothers Shutters Inc., we believe we can use this trend to our advantage. We build our shutters from the ground up in San Diego, CA, with wood from here in the USA. We build our shutters with parts that are manufactured in the USA and can ensure that the level of quality is unmatched. Our ability to consistently deliver top quality shutters has endeared us to our clients which is why we have been able to function for over twenty-eight years successfully.

If you’re looking for window treatments and shutters, the French Brothers Shutters Inc. team firmly believes that you have the power to help yourself by researching and checking out the quality of the company and its products before you make a purchase. If you need any assistance, we can help you make the best choice and get the highest quality shutters from a reputable company. If you have any questions about window treatments or shutters, please contact us by clicking here

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