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he most common question we get in our showroom is, “What are people doing these days?” Honestly, outside of some of the known dated window treatments like verticals and 1″ aluminum blinds, they are still “doing” everything! The more important question is, how do you need the window treatment to function for you?

What is your design style? There are certain options that are considered “timeless” and also “chameleon” into various decorating styles. The most common “timeless” option is a plantation shutter. 2″ blinds can also fall into this category if they are done in a shade of color to match the window trim. If you have a mid century modern style home, roller shades may be a better choice. The bottom line is, it is YOUR choice.

At the end of the day, YOU are going to be the one sitting in your space. What speaks to you? What makes you feel warm and comfortable? Our job is to make sure your choices reflect your personality, your design style and most importantly serve the function you need from your window treatments! Do not worry if you are not sure what your style is. We will help you discover it!

Our design consultants will walk the house with you, taking in your style and also examining any limitations your windows may have to accommodate certain brackets and hardware for the various choices you have in window treatments. This will allow them to listen to your desires and the look you are trying to achieve, while taking into consideration what function you are looking for at the same time.

Put all of that together in the experienced hands of our design consultants and they will pull together some suggestions for you and get an estimate together. If you know you have a budget in mind, please share it. We will never try to sell you the most expensive product just because you can afford it but we also do not want to have you choose the most expensive product if it is going to be out of your budget.

It’s okay to ask for guidelines there! We want you to be happy!! Give us a call and we will do our very best for you!

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