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Welcome to French Brothers Shutters, your one-stop shop for all your custom exterior shutter needs. Proudly serving the San Diego, we offer a full line of custom exterior shutters manufactured from many different types of materials. We offer FREE ESTIMATES and all of our custom shutters are hand-crafted. From consultation to installation, our team of dedicated professionals are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction.


Why French Brothers Shutters?

Custom exterior shutters will enhance your home’s beauty, increase its resale value, and add that distinctive look of class it deserves. All of us here at French Brothers know that your home is your greatest investment, so why not give it the best? Many shutter companies only offer pre-fabricated, standard size shutters.

Here at French Brothers, we pride ourselves in offering custom, hand-crafted shutters. Our team of professionals have nearly fifty years of combined experience in the custom wood-working and shutter industries. We look forward to working with you. Contact us today and let’s get started!

A wonderful architectural detail often overlooked or misused on homes is the outside shutters. Done correctly, they can be one of the home’s chief charms. Whether the architectural style of your home calls for louvered, paneled, battened, operable or radius shutters, the cost of well-made shutters is insignificant to the value and attractiveness they add to even the simplest of dwellings. French Brothers Shutters offers superior-grade shutters that can add the finishing touch to your home. Have you ever noticed shutters on a house that just don’t quite look right?

Unfortunately, we see this all around town. As their name suggests, shutters are supposed to shut, yet most shutters are fixed with no hinges and don’t even cover the windows they were meant to protect! For example, you can’t paste 12″ shutters on the sides of two mulled double hung 3-0 windows. It just doesn’t look right, because form should follow function.

For a single 3-0 window, the shutters should be half the width of the sash (or 18″). Anything more or less would simply look awkward and out of place if you tried to shut them. Same goes for shutter height – it needs to match the window height, not extending 3″ below the sill and 3″ above the lintel.

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