Energy Efficient Shutters San Diego

In a world where efficiencies are everywhere, why shouldn’t your shutters match the standard?

French Brothers Shutters has an R-score of 5.9, which is nearly triple; the R-score of a wood shutter is 2.0. In the above picture we have simulated an extreme heat situation to showcase how great of an insulator our shutter truly is.

The room temperature was set to 76 degrees for a stable controlled environment. We applied a heat gun to the shutter to the tune of 168 degrees for several minutes. On the other side of the shutter, we reported a temperature of 78.4 degrees.

The results?

Only an increase of 2.4 degrees on the shutter, stopping the heat at the source before the increased temperature enters the room. The images were captured through a FLIR camera with their Advanced Thermal Imaging camera, which shows the temperatures of the area in the picture.


We do understand this is an extreme situation we simulated, however we wanted to prove how efficient our shutter really is. The best results are yielded from a completely closed shutter, which traps the warm air between the window and the shutter to prevent a majority of the warm air to enter your home.

Whether your home experiences chilly northern winters or sizzling southern summers, energy efficiency will be on your mind at some point during the year. According to, windows are responsible for 30% of a home's heating and cooling energy loss. They're also one of the easiest, most accessible places to focus your energy conservation efforts.

But how can you insulate your windows without sacrificing style or functionality? By installing energy efficient window coverings like shutters!

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