There are a number of advantages to various types of shutters. The size and shape of your window, plus the amount of light and privacy control you wish to have will affect what type of shutter would be best for your San Diego home. Let us explore a few of the options commonly available.

DIY Shutter Kit
This is not recommended. These kits are typically designed to be an affordable alternative to having shutters installed, but the problem is, they are almost always cheaply made. These shutter kits are usually press board with no shape to the louvers. They utilize plastic controls to open and close and you must measure, assemble and install them yourself. Rarely will a DIY kit last any significant amount of time on your home, either from breaking or simply being removed because they are hideous.

Plastic Shutters
These are easy to clean, because they are waterproof. Plastic shutters are also very easy to repair. They do not realistically imitate any other material, so it is obvious they are plastic, therefore these are recommended for strictly exterior use.

Vinyl Shutters
Vinyl shutters are also waterproof which makes them a breeze to clean. They are also easy to repair. A great advantage to vinyl shutters is their aesthetic versatility. They come in almost any color imaginable and can often convincingly imitate other elements and materials. One of the downsides to vinyl is that it is a really heavy shutter.

Polycore Shutters
Polycore are some of the best shutters out there. They are light weight, making them easy to install. They are waterproof as well. Polycore shutters typically carry a 25 year warranty because their polymer and aluminum construction makes them extremely durable. They will never warp or crack and won’t ever need to be repainted.

Engineered Wood Shutters
Engineered wood offers all of the benefits of polycore and more. Engineered wood shutters are also super durable, light weight and waterproof. They also carry a 25 year warranty and will never warp or crack and won’t need repainting. These shutters are also humidity proof and carry the added benefit of convincingly imitating real wood.

Real Wood Shutters
The Mecca of window treatments, real wood shutters are very popular and highly sought after because stained shutters are elegant and beautiful and no other treatment looks like it. These are typically a bit more expensive, but who can put a price on true beauty?

As you can see, there are many styles and types of shutters to choose from for your home. When deciding to upgrade your windows with treatments it is always recommended to contact a professional window covering specialist. Often you can schedule an in home consultation so that you can see how shutters will enhance your windows first hand.

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