Customize Your San Diego Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are a gorgeous addition to any San Diego home, but they aren’t something you should do yourself. Like all the best San Diego window treatments, you need help from a professional to customize your shutters and complete installation. Working with a team of experienced experts like those at French Brothers Shutters, gives you the most for your money. We listen to the vision you have for your home and give our best professional suggestions concerning the shutter shape, style, material, and color. When you choose a professional for plantation shutters, the customization options are endless.

Plantation Shutter Material

One of the most important decisions you’ll make while purchasing plantation shutters is the material. Choose a company that offers a variety of materials – what you select may depend on your décor, maintenance desires, and personal preferences. French Brothers Shutters has a versatile selection of plantation shutters made from high-quality wood, hybrid materials, and polywood compounds. We offer real wood plantation shutters with dovetail construction for maximum strength, available in a variety of stains and paint finishes. Our polywood shutters will never warp, crack, chip, fade, peel, or lose their color.

San Diego Shutter Color

We will custom stain wooden shutters or custom paint polywood shutters per your specifications. Match your shutters to your home’s carefully selected décor with assistance from our color experts. Browse our wide selection of paint colors and wood stains to select a choice that speaks to you. When you schedule an appointment, we will discuss your premium paint and stain options. All our finishes are long lasting for the best cost versus value in town. We have six different artisan staining techniques to enhance the natural beauty and wood grain of genuine hardwood shutters:

Glazed. We apply a glaze of ebony, cocoa, or arctic by hand to accentuate the shutter’s grooves and profile.

Glazed and burnished. Sanding the shutters and applying glaze achieves a gorgeous old-fashioned worn-wood look.

Classic distressed. Achieve an antique look and feel with the classic distressed technique, with randomly placed cracks, dents, and wormholes.

Heirloom distressed. Add an extra touch of tradition with old-world darkened dents, cracks, and wormholes. We add burnishing, rasping, and flyspecking for this technique.

Rustic. This stain brings out the texture and beautiful imperfections naturally occurring in the wooden shutters, such as knots, pinholes, growth rings, and mineral streaks.

Textured. We use a special brush to achieve a rich textured look that adds depth and contrast to the natural wood. We can do this with paints and stains.

We will show you photographs and samples of each technique so you can make an informed decision. If you prefer hybrid or polywood plantation shutters, we offer a variety of colors for any type of home décor.

San Diego Plantation Shutter Shape

We have the ability to customize the shape of your San Diego plantation shutters, playing with the tier type and louver size until you get the combination you desire. We can provide single-tier shutters, with one panel from top to bottom, or double-tier shutters, with panels at the top and bottom halves of the window. We can make them to fit almost any size and shape window, including arched and circular.

French Brothers Shutters has everything you need to customize your San Diego home’s plantation shutters. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

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