Best Window Treatments for Sunny Windows


In San Diego, the sun shines most of the year. This is the reason why people flock to our beautiful city. However, all of that sun can be problematic for the interior of your home. The bright sun can cause your AC to run more often creating higher energy bills. The UV rays can affect the look of fabrics on sofas, bedding and rugs. Strong sunlight can also fade your wood flooring and cabinets. It is important to cover your windows with the proper treatments so you can effectively block out the sun when and where you desire. There are three main types of window treatments that can be installed on any sunny window in your home.


Blinds can help you beat the heat. Blinds have adjustable slats that can be opened or closed at varying degrees which allows you to control the amount of sunlight that enters the room. At the heat of the day, depending on where your window is facing, you can simply close the blind to reduce the heat producing sunlight. To achieve the most sunlight control, be sure that your new blinds cover the entire width and height of the window. Also, the closer the blind is to the window pane, the more efficient it will be.


Screen shades boast a simple, streamlined, and basic look and are available in many colors to enhance any type of style. They directly block harmful UV rays when pulled closed. When you are ready to let the outside in, simply open them up and you will have a full view of the outdoors. Screen shades work well on their own but can also be put behind draperies as an added layer of protection from the sun. The other benefits of roller shades are that they will keep your draperies from fading.


Shutters are an excellent choice for window treatments and can be applied to either the interior or exterior of your windows. They offer several advantages such as weather protection, added security, minimal space required and excellent energy efficiency. Better than blinds, shutters cover every inch of the window to maximize efficiency and coverage. They will decrease heat loss in the winter months and summer heat gain. In addition to the luxurious look of shutters, they can be combined with other window treatments such as draperies for added insulating capabilities.

When you are looking for window treatments that look fantastic as well as help block the sun, look no further than French Brothers Shutters. We can help you find the perfect mix of style and function for any sunny window in your home.

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