If your goal was to create an attractive vision, with a cohesive unified appearance, but at the end of the day your decorating project resulted in multiple clashing colors and fabrics, and lacks unity; you probably should’ve hired a pro.

REASON ONE – Time Saver

Typically. you’re a DIY-er who loves doing all sorts of projects yourself. And you’re very good at it! But taking on the task of redecorating project in your home is sure to have its pitfalls when it comes to time. Often, going it alone on these projects will take much longer than you expected. There are measurements to take, space planning, color coordinating and tons of shopping to do, whether it be online or in person it takes a lot of time and organizing. With all the choices you’ll have to make, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and confused by the amount of decisions you’ll be faced with. A design consultant will save your valuable time and the possibility of a headache because of the skill and experience they bring to the table.

REASON TWO – Money Saver

If at first YOU don’t succeed at the decorating project you envisioned, you have three choices: 1) Quit your dau-job, because you’ll need the extra time to do your project over. 2) Bare the expense of starting from scratch, or 3) Leave it exactly like it is, and blindfold your guests before allowing them inside.

The insight and expertise of a design consultant who has established connections in the field will help you avoid mistakes that can be quite costly. You may be inclined to select materials (like fabrics, flooring, tile, blinds, drapery, etc.) based on your favorite color. A design Consultant can recommend materials based on durability, performance, and appropriateness for its use and location.,

REASON THREE – Gives you a “Wow” Factor!

Undoubtedly your decorating goal is that the finished product it be high quality, unique, and extremely impressive: in other words, possess the “wow” factor. That is exactly what a design consultant knows best. They combine style with functionality to make your space “pop.”

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