Bay Window Shutters

Cover Your Big, Beautiful Bay Windows With Bay Window Shutters In San Diego

Plantation shutters in San Diego are known for their large louvers and contemporary look. And this is why bay window shutters in San Diego are the right shutters for the big, exquisite bay windows in your house.

We can set the dividers at any place you want, giving you privacy along the bottom and at the same time allowing light in at the top. It has a divider rod in the center and tilt rods for the bottom and top section so you can tilt the top and bottom independently.

Double-hung shutter panels enable you to have the top panels opened and keep the bottom panels closed. This is a perfect solution if there’s something that’s in front of the bay window – or if you don’t want to bother with your seat cushions or pillows every single time you need to get some air.

How Are Bay Window Shutters Installed?

First, we measure the dimensions of each portion of your bay window. We draft how the windows are arranged. Since each window has its own frame, we’ll want to set up the shutters right beside each other for a seamless look.

Then we record whether or not the windows tilt-in for cleaning – or if you have lever locks. This lets us ensure that, when we return to our store and order your hand-fashioned shutters, they’ll fit around those levers. Using advanced computer technology and unique templates based on your window’s measurements, we then design and construct your bay window shutters, adding on your choice of quality finishes and colors.

Our expert installers will put up your new shutters for your bay window. During the process, they’ll double check that the louvers can be opened so you have a great view and easier cleaning.

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