Baked On Finish Shutters San Diego

Why is a baked on finish important for your shutters? Our whole line of products has a water-based paint, baked on finish to ensure a quality product built to last a lifetime.

The process is simple, yet extremely effective. Once the parts are extruded from the mold, each part is submerged into a massive water tank, specially designed to cool each part to ensure consistency.

When the shutter parts have completely cooled off, each product enters the paint booth on an assembly line. Each component is painted one at a time to ensure the highest quality of detail for painting with our water-based paint. Once the shutters parts have been painted by machinery, they are moved into a special oven.

The oven maintains a temperature of 140 degrees to bake the paint on to the surface to form a flawless, maintenance free surface. The whole finish process products a silky smooth, yet durable finish, which will last a lifetime. Our guarantee is a painted finish that will never fade, yellow or chip.

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About French Brothers Shutters

French Custom Shutters, Inc. is a family owned corporation located in San Diego County California. Founded in 1977 and structured to produce furniture quality custom wood shutters for interior and exterior home decor. The facility is located in Casa De Oro, a small suburb between La Mesa and Spring Valley, freeway close to service the entire San Diego region. We specialize in custom window and plantation style shutters for interior and exterior residential applications.

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