Arched Shutters San Diego

Do you have an arched window you haven’t quite figured out how to cover? We custom build each arched shutter tailored to your window. We get the exact dimensions of your window to cut out the top arch part of the shutter panel.

We also have a specific oven made special just to heat up our frames to bend around the arch panel. Once the material has reached the perfect temperature, we remove the frame and insert the material into our custom made bending table, which helps form the frame to the exact specifications of your window.

Did you know an arched topped shutter is considered a specialty shaped shutter? Due to the unique shape of every arch, extra care is taken to make an arched shutter.

Did you know building arch shutters is a time consuming process? We carefully cut the arch, cut each arched louver and arched frame just for your window. This process is very time consuming to make sure we build the proper shutter for your home.

There are two different types of arched shutters, Half Round arches and Eyebrow arches. Two very simple names have been given to these arched window openings to resemble the curvatures of which the shutters will be. An eyebrow is a subtle arch with a minimal sweep, which looks very much like an eyebrow. A Half Round shutter receives it name based on the math of the construction of the window, the height of the arch is half the width.


40+ years of hard-earned experience goes into making top quality custom shutters and custom closet doors here at French Bros. Custom Shutters Inc. From the interior operable louvered shutters and exterior fixed louvered shutters, to the fixed louvered closet doors, our staff will put in the work to stay true to your vision – no matter how complex the design or unique the finish. No job is too large or too small!

Why choose French Brothers Shutters over other companies? The window size does not matter to us. Whether your home has a 10-inch-wide sidelight window by the front door or a full-size window, we use aluminum reinforcement in each louver we use to construct your shutter to custom fit each window.

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