Aluminum Reinforced Shutters San Diego

Why would you want aluminum reinforcement in your San Diego home?

Simple. Strength is our primary reason for the reinforcement of our shutter. Many shutters can be limited in the actual size the panels are built. For example, a very common window size used by many builders is 36 x 62. French Shutters only needs 1 panel in this situation, where other non-reinforced competitors would need 2 panels. Imagine the wonderful view in your home with 1 panel, there is no obstruction of the view. However, with 2 shutter panels there is a 4-inch obstruction in the middle of your window where the 2 panels meet completely obstructing your view.

Through our manufacturing process, French Brothers Shutters dual infuses aluminum in EVERY single louver and stile we sell, our promise guaranteed.

Why would dual infusion of aluminum and the PVC louver be so important?
The PVC mold is poured around the aluminum to ensure a solid construction. The bond creates a dual infused product making our shutter the strongest on the market.

One of the greatest parts of doing business with French Bros. Custom Shutters, Inc. is that you get the superior quality and craftsmanship that you’d expect at a large chain, but with the personalized, small-town service that you love. Our company places the utmost importance on developing relationships with our San Diego County neighbors, so creating custom wood shutters for you at the highest standards is our number one priority.

40+ years of hard-earned experience goes into making top quality custom shutters and custom closet doors here at French Bros. Custom Shutters Inc. From the interior operable louvered shutters and exterior fixed louvered shutters, to the fixed louvered closet doors, our staff will put in the work to stay true to your vision – no matter how complex the design or unique the finish. No job is too large or too small!

Why choose French Brothers Shutters over other companies? The window size does not matter to us. Whether your home has a 10-inch-wide sidelight window by the front door or a full-size window, we use aluminum reinforcement in each louver we use to construct your shutter to custom fit each window.

Other companies cut corners with their version of “aluminum reinforced” products with a disclaimer of “where needed.” They cut this corner to save money and cut cost for their bottom line. Here at French Brothers, we believed this shutter needed a reinforced aluminum core from start to finish no matter the size. You ordered a reinforced product, shouldn’t you get what you paid for?

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