Have you considered installing plantation shutters in your home? Here are some great reasons to add this elegant touch to your home's windows.

Looking to update the windows of your home? Did you know that more homeowners are installing plantation shutters every year? If you're looking to improve your home's appearance, they may be the option for you! San Diego homeowners install window treatments for a variety of reasons. They enhance privacy, ventilate, and block out sunlight at one's convenience. In decades past, homeowners stopped putting them in their homes. But now, they're making a comeback. You have options when it comes to picking out the perfect shutter for your home. In this article, we're going to explain 7 reasons why plantation shutters may be the right choice for you.

1. Aesthetics

So, what's their biggest appeal anyway? First and foremost, they're exceptionally beautiful. And they're a favorite among homeowners all over the world for this exact reason. Like traditional shutters, they're louvered and angled horizontally. But traditional ones have smaller panels and narrower spaces between panels. Plantation shutters, on the other hand, are wider in both respects. The standard width of the panels is usually 2 1/2 inches. But 3 1/2 inch panels are better for bigger rooms with taller ceilings. Because of their wideness, they make rooms appear bigger. They also enhance other parts of a room by adding more natural light when open. They either cover an entire window or half of it. Common materials include bass wood, engineered hardwood, vinyl, and cherry wood.

2. Better InsulationPlantation Shutters

San Diego experiences warm summers and mild winters. So, what should San Diego homeowners look for to better ventilate their homes? Natural sunlight can help keep a home warmer in the winter. In the summer, they can prevent warm air from coming in when closed. Homeowners should aim to bring in more sunlight when they're open. They should also be able to keep cold air out when closed. Because of the space between panels, they bring in more natural sunlight. And because of their thickness, they're good at keeping cold air out when they're closed.

3. Energy Efficient

Plantation shutters are ideal if you're looking to lower your energy bills year-round. You won't have to keep your heat and air conditioning on as high - or as frequent. Temperatures can reach highs of 90°F in the summer. So, during the daytime in summer, it's best to keep them closed. This helps keep warm out and more air conditioning in. Winters aren't as harsh as in North Carolina's neighboring Northern states. But temperatures still dip as low as 30°F some years. Not to mention, San Diego has experienced severe winter storms in recent years. When open, they can bring in more sunlight and subsequent warmth on chilly days. On freezing days, their thickness will prevent cold air from seeping in when closed. Of course, they shouldn't substitute your heating and air conditioning systems. But they can reduce the amount of time you leave these systems on, as well as how high or low the temperatures are. They're one of the leading energy efficient window treatments. They also reduce the amount of electricity you'll use for artificial light.

4. More Privacy

Since they're so simple to open and close, owners can adjust their level of privacy with little effort. As mentioned, plantation shutters are bigger than traditional ones. When fully closed, they keep all sunlight out and create more intimate settings. Their panels are adjustable, of course. So, it's possible to allow as much or as little sunlight as you desire. Gaze at the outdoors or block out the sunlight when you want to relax in the comfort of your home. You'll be in control!

5. Low Maintenance

Unlike draperies and curtains, plantation shutters don't require dry cleaning. In fact, they're one of the easiest window treatments to clean. Once installed, they require little maintenance. From time to time, owners have to dust them. It's not necessary to use a lot of water when cleaning wood ones. Depending on the type of wood, you may also want to polish them. The best way to clean them is to wet and wring out a cloth until it's damp. Then, wipe them down with the damp cloth. It's possible to use a cleaning solution on those made with poly wood or vinyl. You should first wipe them down, then apply a solution of water and chemical cleaner. Of course, exterior plantation shutters will become dirtier than interior ones. To clean them, use a hose or pressure washer to wash away tough grime. Then, test a cleaning solution in a hidden area. Make sure it won't alter the color of the panels. If the cleaning solution won't discolor the material, then use it to wash them down. Bleach is good for tough marks and mold, but dish soap and water will suffice. In any case, talk with your local window treatment experts to find out the best ways to clean yours.

6. Boosts Home Value

Remember when we mentioned that plantation shutters are highly desired among homeowners? Another reason why more people are installing them is that they add value to homes. Homes that have them tend to sell faster than homes without. For one thing, exteriors add significant curb appeal to a home. They look aesthetically better than any other type of outdoor window treatment! Some of its desirability may have to do with their energy efficiency and ability to insulate. Other reasons may have to do with the fact that more new homes are built with them. So, they cut down on future renovation costs. But no matter what, home buyers and homeowners alike swoon over them!

7.Plantation Shutters Are Worthwhile Investments

The overall cost will depend on a few things. First off, some materials are more expensive than others. Specialty woods and exotic lumber will cost more than natural wood, or vinyl for that matter. But even the cheapest options are cost-effective in the long term. Some materials last longer and aren't as affected by humidity than others. Humidity can reach extreme highs in the warm months. San Diego homeowners need interiors and exteriors that are resistant to moisture. Synthetic panels are best for the San Diego climate. Though they need more maintenance, natural and exotic wood are sustainable, too. Square footage also affects the costs to buy and install. If you plan to remodel all the windows in your home, expect a more expensive project. In the end, they can reduce your energy and electric bills. Not to mention, they can increase the value of your home if you decide to sell one day.

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