6 Living Room Decor Ideas for Large Spaces


Big rooms are a welcome feature in a home, but decorating them can be a challenge. Discover how to make the most of a large living room with these décor ideas

Draw attention to the height

If you’ve got it, flaunt it, right? So, if your living room has grand proportions and a big window to go with it, make the window a focal point. Shutters are the number one choice for style and practicality. Unlike fabric window dressings like curtains and blinds, they’re easy to maintain, suitable for kitchens, dining areas, living spaces, bedrooms and bathrooms. White or wood are classic options for a timelessly stylish look, but you could even go for a deep, bold color like Claret Red or Tuscan Grey in our Designer Collection for the ultimate statement.

Rely on wallpaper

A highly patterned wallpaper can overwhelm a small room, but if yours is a big space, it’s the perfect forum for using ornate or over-scaled pattern. Keep your floor and ceiling plain if you do take this route, and be sure to pick up colors from the paper in other furnishings to pull the look together.


Size up a coffee table
An occasional table with slim lines can look lost in a large living room. Instead of letting it go solo, a series of tables can fill the gap between a pair of large sofas positioned opposite one another, and allow all sitters a place to set down a cup. Alternatively, swap a wooden table for a sizable upholstered ottoman with curvaceous lines that’ll occupy the living space much better.

Divide and conquer
Zoning a large living space can make it feel more humanly scaled. To divide it into separate areas without detracting from the airy effect, try using open shelving. It won’t block the light, but it can make each zone feel more intimate. The shelving will make space for display, too, but don’t pack it out or you’ll lose light and views through the room.


Go dark
Pale walls can visually expand a small living room, but one that’s already large doesn’t need the help and a big expanse of white can even make it look cold. If that’s the case for your large living room, now’s the time to dabble with dramatic shades for the walls. They can make a living or dining space feel much more intimate, and given it’s a room that’s used largely after dark, bold color schemes can really shine under artificial and candlelight. Deep blues and greens are on trend, as are charcoal grays.

Supersize the sofa
If individual couches would be lost in a big living space, how about a big sectional in their place? Its L-shape will demarcate a seating area but, if you choose a low-backed design, it won’t clutter the view through the room. Team with an area rug to complete the picture.

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