4 Reasons Homeowners & Designers Love Plantation Shutters

When is the last time you changed the curtains in the family room or den? Plantation shutters are an excellent solution for sprucing up your home. They not only bring a great deal of beauty into a drab room, but they also help bring the sunlight in just enough to help regulate your home environment.

Why We Love Plantation Shutters

There are some reasons why plantation shutters are all the rage with both homeowners and designers. Below are some of the more common reasons they have become the holy grail of interior design for window treatments. They come in a wide variety of colors and hues, making the possibilities endless.

Versatility in Light Control and Environment

One reason homeowners love shutters so much is the ability to let a little ( or as much) light in as needed. Some days you may want to allow the sunshine in entirely then pull the plantation shutters closed at night for maximum privacy. Plantation shutters can match your mood to let as much of the world in as you choose. Plantation shutters allow you to have both options anytime.

Ease of Maintenance

Another reason both homeowners and designers love shutters is the fact that can be maintained so easily. Just take some mild cleaner and a washcloth or sponge to clean dust and debris. They always look as good as new!

Many Design Options

Professional designers like plantation shutters because it allows you to start with a blank canvas when decorating a room. Designers recommend either painting shutters a contrasting color to add a bold statement to the room or painting them the same color as the walls to make the window itself stand out more. Either way, shutters are a beautiful option to your interior design plan.

Quick Installation

Finally, both homeowners and designers love plantation shutters because you can install them the same day you order them and start enjoying your home makeover right away. There’s no fuss like there is with installing new curtains and the ease of installation makes them a great quick fix for a room that needs a facelift.

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